We put athletes on the pedstal

He is very successful and i don't see a reason why he would smoke illegal drugs. If he wants to be a role model and make a lot of money, he should definitly watch himself.

I hope he didn't, though. I confronted a room of gorgeous white girls. If the dolphins,ravens, and jets win they will all be along with JAX. If America knew how many celebrity's do drugs we would be shocked!

His players showed all their heart on the field and Kelly just abandons them. It has nothing to do with whether I was triggered or not which I wasn't. This is bad for his image.

The Mental Health of the College Athlete

The writer is surely a genius. No matter all the dumb choices he won 8 gold medals for America. That these women would be less inclined to restrict sexual access to an attractive black male simply because he is black seems odd to him.

He has been lobbying for that job for a month. And who do you think I ran into in the halls of the Hilton? Hopefully he makes a smart decision and doesn't take drugs or set a bad example again And I'm not triggered or insulted by you calling Canson and I boyfriends, I was just disproving your claim.

I don't know if I like him any more. These women have their freedom, and this is the choice they have made and will continue to make: You guys actually forgave Phelps? The reason why he has no allies is maybe because other people see through his BS, based on the way he acts.

The White Woman Privilege

I don't think that it is right for people that are famous or have done good things to have people breathing down there back all the time. I really liked him and I looked up to him and now he does something that is nasty!

Somehow their past does not completely tarnish them and they can have a successful career after wards and be taken seriously. If he said it will never happen again you should trust him. Umor Detroit Herm the Steelers been mailing it in like skip said.

OuRCity News

You obviously don't, though, because you probably have some serious issues about it Which are those pics where Boris undoubtedly looks 6'3", other than those 2, Christian?

And you're really asking me when did you ever "play the victim card" or cry? I never understood why somebody gets held to a higher standard just because they are professional athletes. Cute girls flicked their fingers at me. How did they prefer to be seen? That's a classic Canson, biased and delusional!

Enjoyable, sexually gratifying relationships are much easier to maintain under these substantially more realistic pretenses. For being as big as a role model he is, I would think he would take better care of himself than that. I still maintain it's about 3. You bring up all of these accusations against Christian and me and you clearly are the one doing the exact same thing here.

You would think that he wouldn't do that considering he is really famous. Its really stupid he is stupid for doing that February 3, at 8: Dunmore, PA Proposed headline for the Pittsburgh sports pages today: They each also snagged a successful brotha under the guise that they are not whores but rather exotic beings with a past.

All seemed to say more or less — YES. As for the "fanboy" comments, they hold a lot of merit. How big are Robert Downey Jr. Believe it or not, I actually respected your opinions and you as a person, until you made that ignorant statement that I "have no clue about height differences".

He is definitely wearing lifts with him.But I love that catch cause it make me happy, balling like tay I think I get more feats than athletes Jennifer Hudson, I'm his dream girl, call all white like mean girls I'm making noise like a festivle, I'm 3 feet no feets Green money like vegetables, candy pane lookin edible Same niggas tried to knock me down, done helped me up on my pedstal.

question "How can we make sure that the school sys-tem 30 years from now is not dealing with the same put the building on the smaller businesses in the area, the commission set the fee at $5, and elected sands of athletes paraded around the track, each led by a flag-carrier with the national colors.

On the. I learned at a early age not to put people on a pedstal or knock them off one either . I Stay away from those who dwell on negative situations or the past Take it as lesson and put. Dec 28,  · Don't put athletes on too high of a pedestal December 28, | Chuck Culpepper | Special to The Times LONDON -- Even after a crummy sports year that exposed sports as so unethical they're pretty much "The Sopranos" with less violence -- except against pit bulls --.

Convicting a football player of murder is a career -maker. It must have something to do with the pedestal we put athletes on. The importance we assign to people with athletic ability is completely out of whack. In America, athletics are put on a pedestal, players and coaches have a lot expected of them.

They are to act like perfect role models to youth and adults across the nation. They are put in the public eye and expected to never make a mistake, do charity work, always say the right things, and win games.

We put athletes on the pedstal
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