Uhs walk in waiting time analysis

Additionally, the walk-in appointment system may increase variability in arrival patterns of patients, variability in type and level of services needed, variability in service rates, and variability in capacity.

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Uhs Walk-in Waiting Time Analysis

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Uhs Walk-in Waiting Time Analysis Essay

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As the attached post-triage flow diagram illustrates, there are four significant bottlenecks that constrict daily activity with high cycle times.University Health Services University Health Services: Walk-In Clinic Pre-triage organization Organization: 12 treatment rooms: 4 for nurses and 8 for doctors where 3 of these were permanently assigned to physicians as their UHS offices - Average of patients a day the clinic was staffed on the basis of past experience with peak periods.

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2 Case #2 Walk-In Clinic 1) Evaluate the performance of the Walk-In clinic. Are waiting times now acceptable? University Healthcare Services (UHS) offers a variety of medical services to Harvard University students, staff and their dependents.

Academic Policies and Procedures

The Walk-In Clinic at Holyoke Center is one of the outpatient clinics at UHS, and provides the most comprehensive ambulatory care of the four walk-in %(26).

- Too long waiting time between sign-in and treatment University Health Services Case Study University Health Services: Walk-In Clinic Pre-triage organization Organization: 12 treatment rooms: 4 for nurses and 8 for doctors where 3 of these were permanently assigned to physicians as their UHS offices - Average of patients a day.

UHS Walk-In Clinics provide you and your family with minor, immediate care. With no appointment necessary, you can expect quality medical attention at your convenience.

The physicians at UHS Walk-In Centers diagnose and treat a broad range of medical problems such as cuts, coughs, fevers, flu, ear infections and vomiting.

Transcript of United Health Services Case. Walk-In Clinic Case Study Process Flow Pre-Triage Wait Times Total Wait Time: 29 mins Waiting Time with Current Arrival Rate: Wq = / = hour or minutes Waiting Time with 4% Arrival Rate Increase.

UHS Walk-In Clinic Case Analysis 1. Draw a process flow diagram of the post-triage system. Compare waiting times for the pre-triage and the post-triage systems.

Is the new system an improvement over the old? See Flow Chart attached. No, it did not improve the process.

Uhs walk in waiting time analysis
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