Themes, motifs, and symbols mourning becomes electra essay

V A final point of confluence between Pierre and Mourning Becomes Electra consists of their common metaphysical import.

Something taken too far is the equal to something not taken far enough; both concepts are flawed and cause confliction. There are only five characters in this play. She resolves to take action herself, with or without the help of her sister Chrysothemis.

Themes, Motifs, and Symbols

Rowland's unpleasantness, he provides a certain balance in her speeches and additional actions. The reader is led sooner or later to ask questions about the types of art surveyed here-that of Boucher or Stubbs in the past Who was the author and does he reveal a bias?

The best-known of his works are the plays Antigone c. In short, the Greek playwrights had a form at hand ; they needed only to shape their material to it.

Moreover, it allows the reader to decode the meaning of the work by himself, thus participating actively in the process of artistic creation. This testifies, in my opinion, to Melville's and O'Neill's ironical stance, which emerges with perhaps even darker pessimism in the playwright's work.

Independent reading and class read alouds. Oxford University Press,p. Sophocles reverses the order of the murders. What might be the symbolism, as applied to each of the Rowlands, of the nonverbal "language" of setting in the fire escape specified in the stage directions before the first speech?

Struck with the "Profound Silence" of God's voice, Pierre nearly "runs, like a mad dog, into atheism" pp.

Medea is a torment to herself and to others; that is why Euripides shows her blazing her way through life leaving wreckage behind her. Sophocles - Words 1. The effect of existentialism can be found very much here. This end is usually brought about by some fatal flaw of character, circumstances beyond his or her control, or by sheer destiny.

What is revealed about Mrs. Later, during the high point of Athenic culture in the fifth century B. Antigone acts as a free spirit, a defiant individual, while Ismene is content to recognize her own Conversely, the Mannons become progressively more isolated from the community.

What are some major themes of realist drama?Philip Marlowes Character in The Long Goodbye essays and term papers available at, the largest free essay community.

Comparing the Main Characters and Dark Themes of Hawthorne's The Minister's Black Veil and Young Goodman Brown. Mourning Becomes Electra by Eugene O'Neill.

Themes of Mourning Becomes Electra

O'Neill's greatest qualities consist in his intensely emotional motifs and his fascinating experiments with theatrical forms. O'Neill manages to develop an effective language of the stage, manifest in works such as Mourning Becomes Electra, Long Day's Journey into Night, and The Iceman Cometh.

Mourning Becomes Electra

Themes Oedipus Although O'Neill supposedly derived Mourning Becomes Electra from the Oresteia, the myth that actually structures the play's action is overwhelming that of Oedipus.

Oedipus was the Theban king who unwittingly killed his father and murdered his mother, bringing ruin to the land. Mourning Becomes Electra (SparkNotes Literature Guide) by Eugene O'Neill Making the reading experience fun!

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Theme of Mourning becomes Electra. O’Neill has used many symbols he has used sea symbol and developed south Island motives which appear as peace, security, beauty, freedom of conscience, soundlessness etc.

Harold Bloom’s essay The search for the self’ in. expressionism, stream of consciousness, symbolism, mysticism and psychoanalysis in his short plays. and even one trilogy Mourning Becomes Electra O’Neill’s diversity of form and technique was therefore quite obvious as he made use of all available.

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Themes, motifs, and symbols mourning becomes electra essay
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