The child is the center of

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CPS also investigates cases when possible abuse is reported in a child care facility, foster home, or other state licensed facility. Who We Are The Children's Justice Center When a child is harmed, many different people, from police officers to counselors, spring into action, and there are a lot of resources available to support that child and their family or guardians.

Each student has access to personalized learning and is supported by qualified, caring adults.

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If children cannot be kept safe in their home they may be temporarily placed with relatives or in a foster home until the home is safe again. Regardless of their living situation or relationship, both parents should provide the financial, medical and emotional support a child needs to grow into a responsible adult.

The CJC has put together a pamphlet to answer the questions that most parents have about the process. The name and address of the child's parent, guardian or other persons having custody of the child.

Every case is different. Healing The CJC team connects children and their caregivers to the support they need and deserve. The name, address and age of the child. The goal of this collaborative approach is to offer support and healing services for child victims and their families while streamlining the process of reporting, investigating, and responding to concerns of child abuse.

Whole Child Tenets Each student enters school healthy and learns about and practices a healthy lifestyle. Justice The agencies and organizations of the CJC work as a coordinated team to hold offenders accountable and promote the safety and well-being of all children.

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Child support is more than just money. The information is gathered using evidence-based interviewing techniques that are designed to get accurate information from the child.

Are the problems growing larger over time? Join us, and together we'll change the face of education policy and practice.

For 20 years, we have been helping victims, families and the community by organizing effective responses to cases involving physical and sexual abuse of children. In cases of reported child sexual or physical abuse, the police department will assign a detective who has received specialized training to collect information about the reported crime.

Or whether others think of them at all. Co-parenting is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with your child. The Child Center is enthusiastically integrating Collaborative Problem Solving theory into our array of strategies to build family relationships, parental efficacy, and the coping skills of children.

This means we have the outreach and access to involve adult sites and their customers in our fight. Has there been an event that has caused a strong emotional reaction from your child? Founded in in Chicago, Prevent Child Abuse America works to promote the healthy development of children and prevent child abuse before it can occur in order to help children to grow up and contribute in their communities.

Whole Child in Action. Even their name is a retread. Stay tuned for more details including the registration link and call for abstracts.

Welcome Child support is more than just money It is the responsibility of each parent - both mother and father - to make sure their child has enough food to eat, clothes to wear and a safe place to live.

All educators want to improve the work they do for students, their families, and the community. King County has a coordinated system that provides forensic medical care for all sexual assault victims.

How do I arrange for my child to have a medical exam?The State of Obesity recently released a collection of firsthand accounts from SNAP participants. The collection of SNAP stories goes beyond facts and figures and uses personal experience to discuss the critical support SNAP provides to individuals from all walks of life across the nation.


The Child Center, Inc., is a child advocacy center (CAC) serving children and families in Northeast Missouri. A comprehensive, coordinated approach is taken in response to allegations of child sexual and physical abuse occurring in our 14 county service area. Our Mission: To prevent child abuse and neglect through education, treatment, and advocacy.

Who We Are

Our Vision: The Parent Child Center of Tulsa’s vision is that all parents have the knowledge and skills to protect, nurture, and provide for their own child. to Child Guidance Center! We believe in helping every child grow up healthy -and that includes effectively addressing emotional and behavioral health needs during the early years.

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In fact, the sooner families get support for mental health concerns, the better they can ensure a life-time of well-being. The Child Center of NY began in as a children’s counseling center in Queens. Today, we are a powerful community presence throughout NYC, reaching.

The Child Center, Inc., is a child-focused place where a comprehensive, coordinated approach is taken in response to allegations of child sexual and physical abuse occurring in our 14 county service area.

The child is the center of
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