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NEC and University of Colombo. Other institutions of higher education include medical schools, engineering schools, schools of law, and technical and vocational training schools and National Colleges of Education.

In recent years newer schools and several central colleges have been upgraded to national schools from time to time, thereby making the total number of national schools They come under the BOI and the standards of them are varies greatly between schools and with lesser levels of student discipline compared to the government schools.

These schools offer the local syllabus as well as the British system.

Education system in Sri Lanka – Compare & Contrast Process Essay

Unequal Distribution of Resources: The schools are mainly for the children of the expatriate community, charge high tuition fees and can therefore provide good facilities and high standards.

Finally, it is subject to abuse and manipulation. Low Educational Attainments of the Population Although Sri Lanka is recognized as a country with high literacy, and it achieved the universal primary education, these statistics mask major short comings of the education system.

Even though such measures were taken to increase the quality of education, Sri Lanka has been experiencing a number of problems. According to the Minister of Higher Education, The Board of Investment BOI has given license to 51 institutions but there are 29 properly functioning private degree awarding institutions in Sri Lanka www.

The USA also has free education to a point. The new admissions to all schools in wereSri Lanka has the highest literacy rate of all third world countries. Of drop-outs, most Strengths of Education System: The computer-student ratio is 1: It this sense the Sri Lankan cultural experience can be described as truly unique among the cultural traditions of South Asia.

There have been many recent cases on releasing question papers before the exam day — mainly to tuition masters, errors in question papers, including questions not based on the syllabus, delay in releasing results and other mal practices due to mis-governance and inefficiency of administrators.

The University Grant Commission UGC has set up a standing committee on accreditation to regulate both state and non- state universities. Education is state funded and offered free of charge at all levels, including the university level.

One way this is not equitable, and it results in a significant outflow of foreign exchange and indirectly promotes brain drain. Moreover, the alumni associations of these schools assist them in various ways to improve their facilities etc. English is taught as a second language.

Education System in Sri Lanka

However, due to the political and individual nature of these projects, corruption and mis-governance they have not yet brought positive result as expected. Today, there are 10, government schools. There is new set of private English medium schools established recently and they are approved and registered by the Board of Investment BOI - Sri Lanka.

Among educational attainments of the total population, the highest percentages were those who passed grade The modern schooling system started in Sri Lanka in the s by the British.

Most of these courses are held at community centres and they cover a wide range of fields such as dressmakingbeauty culturehairdressingstitchingcarpentryplumbingpainting and so on. These reforms were focused on two main initiatives: Majority of secondary schools in remote areas do not have qualified teacher and other facilities or they have only the Arts courses.

After independence in until the mids, the government was able to back up its political commitments with adequate resources for education owing favorable economic conditions. The medium of language could be Sinhala, Tamil or English. Starting in the late s these schools have no regulation or control by the Ministry of Education as it comes under the Board of Investment BOI[13] due to this the standard of education varies greatly between schools and with lesser levels of student discipline compared with other types of schools.

Before its nationalization, it produced some of the best doctors in Sri Lanka. They both have something in common in that it was the British that set up their education system.Sri Lanka, although a third world country, has a 92% literacy rate, one of the highest rates in South Asia.

Education in Sri Lanka is administered by three separate ministries, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, and Ministry of Education Services.

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Educational System in Sri Lanka. In addition to the Government Schools there are 33 non-fee-levying Assisted Private Schools and 33 fee- levying autonomous Private Schools. These schools offer the local syllabus as well as the British system.

Introduction In my essay, I will compare the education process in the USA with the one in Sri Lanka. My aim is to expose the things that are the same and the things that are different about the education system and education process in both countries.

outlining the greatest challenges facing the Sri Lankan.

Education system in Sri Lanka – Compare & Contrast Process Essay



Sri lankan education system essay
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