Diversity issues in counselling practice

Treating people with fairness and respect means avoiding misusing power to make unreasonable demands, shouting and eyeballing, threats, marginalising and isolating someone because of their difference. Often men perceive women as being over-emotional evidenced, for example, by women slamming doors.

In Europe, in the last 10 years, having accepted arguments that work-force diversity brings business benefits, many organisations have been paying increasing attention to the subject. Although she became aware, began to experiment with different choices and began to improve her effectiveness, she was not given the support by her colleagues to complete her personal transition: People are disabled not so much by their condition as by how they are perceived as a result of it.

A Case of Cultural Dissonance. Acceptance of individual differences is essential in creating a copacetic and productive work environment. Such behavior leads to an uncomfortable working atmosphere and poor productivity.

Counselors must be cautious in assuming, for instance, that all Blacks or all Asians have similar cultural backgrounds.

They are not necessarily, although pregnancy and childbirth clearly are. In the workplace, they can be stigmatised as problem cases, who have special needs and require special treatment, or who are expensive because they may need adaptations to equipment of premises.

Diversity as a Benefit to Therapy Diversity does not necessarily create barriers to relating; in fact, it may be that speaking with a therapist from a different background or perspective offers something valuable to the client.

People see the world through the eyes of their experience and expect that to be their reality — and it is. Examples of inappropriate behaviours include: These are where we encounter the greatest discomfort with our clients, although there are valuable examples of good practice in responding to individual needs.

Now look around your workplace. Conflict When prejudice, racism, discrimination and a lack of respect creep into a work environment, conflict among employees becomes inevitable.

She was told that if she did not comply, this would be reflected in her annual performance review with a poor report and affect her promotion prospects.

Top 10 Diversity Issues at Work

You can continue by checking out reactions to certain behaviours, ways of seeing people, communication styles.

Some of them revolve around their being perceived as victims, or principally wheelchair users, or children in need of help, of recipients of charity, of marginal participants in working or community life.

In fact, "diversity" as it relates to human resources is a way of thinking and operating that encourages an entirely new and positive outlook among coworkers. A wise organisation will have a policy which includes, ideally, an option to resolve problems informally, backed by counselling and mediation.

They were good at their job and he intended to keep them in the team, working flexibly, as long as possible. Underlying assumptions about a cultural group, personal stereotypes or racism, and traditional counseling approaches may all signal acquiescence to white culture.

This can create a very real, physical barrier to relating.

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Looking after the staff includes respect for their diverse humanity. Businesses who provide a diversified work environment and provide sufficient diversity training often reduce or eliminate such occurrences.

What gets in the way — unconscious bias Harassment, bullying, intimidation and victimisation are well known unacceptable behaviours, which now fall within the ambit of the law. Seeing differently means checking out which are appropriate responses, choosing from a range of different options to address particular issues.

Not only are immigrants still flocking to America from Cuba, Haiti, Vietnam, Guatemala, El Salvador, and other countries LaFromboise,but minorities already living in the United States have asserted their right to have equal access to counseling Arcinega and Newlou, Many African values also influence contemporary American Black behavior, including the notion of unity, the survival of the group, oral tradition, extended kinship networks, self-concept, concept of time, and control of the environment.In practice, working with diversity means to become aware of the diversity between ourselves, the people we work with, the organisation, and the communities.

So it becomes possible to examine how diversity impacts on the excellence – or otherwise - of our service to our employer and to our client groups. Equality and Diversity in Counselling We live in a diverse society, and in order to counsel ethically and effectively, it is important that we are mindful of how diversity and difference impact on our clients, our profession, our own lives and the therapeutic relationships we form with clients.

In an effort to address the diversity of clients in the counselling environment, a number of models have been introduced to the counselling professional in an effort to provide adequate training in the areas of race, culture, ethnicity and other areas of diversity as key variables in understanding the representations of psychological distress in clients (Moodley, ).

Diversity Counselling Theory and Practice: Aspects of Diversity In this handout and session we will: Explore and identify the wider context of diversity. Outline the cultural continuum of helping approaches Explore both dealing and working with diversity and some misconceptions and Barriers in this area.5/5(3).

Multicultural counseling, however, seeks to rectify this imbalance by acknowledging cultural diversity, appreciating the value of the culture and using it to aid the client.

Equality and Diversity in Counselling

Although the variety of cultures is vast, the following examples indicate the types of cultural issues and their effects on the counseling situation.

The importance of considering diversity issues in counselling practice; from the perspective of both client and counsellor. This essay will critically evaluate importance of considering diversity issues in counselling practice from the perspective of both client and counsellor.

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Diversity issues in counselling practice
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